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Footwear or shoe is the most important thing to any outfit. You may call it as the queen of the entire outfit. The entire character of an outfit can be solidified or tarnished base on the shoe one is wearing.

The right shoes make all the difference ! So why not style yourself from the shoes upwards?

Working women spending most of their time at work right? It means that your working place is the place you can shine (if you get what I mean). There are various  women shoes designs that you can rock at the office while still looking fashionable.

Women shoes that are perfect for work || There's 3 main type of women shoes you can use to gained your confident in your work place. Lets check it out !

i)Strappy High Heels
Are you someone who is always busy running in and out of the office to meet people? If you have one of those type of jobs, strappy high heels are the perfect choice. It does not matter what design but the strappy bit around your ankle definitely helps you walk with style while rushing around dealing with your work.

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ii) Platform Wedges
Platform wedges are suitable for the ladies who want more stability and be in control. It also shows off a humble yet simple look at work. You can wear your platform wedges with a skirt or skinny trousers for that professional fashionable appearance. There are various of platform wedges designs that are stylish to be flaunted at work in front of your colleagues. So pick the style you adore and work it with pride!

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Remind me the Yusry Kru Film “Red Stilettos” ! By the way if you planned to get extra boost of confident. Stilettos will definitely rock your whole outfit into glamour mode. Stand tall, proud and stylish walking in your stiletto heels around the office. It will absolutely put that boss lady feel in you for the rest of the day.

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Get your shoes & raise a confident ! 😄

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  1. uhh.. platform Wedges always be my choice..

  2. perhhh full speking... hihiihi

  3. prefer Strappy High Heels or Wedges..:D

  4. Platform wedges pilihan Siqah. Lebih selesa. Walaupun Siqah pakai flat shoes je pergi kerja nanye. Hehe.

  5. Platform wedges pilihan saya sebabnya dah takleh pakai high heels dah.. mesti terpeliuk kaki kalu pakai.. huhu

    1. sama la ! ju mmg xslesa kalo pakai high heels. rasa nak jatuh pun ada huhu

  6. dulu masa badan ringan rajin pakai heels, lepas bertambah berat badan kita pakai wedges je la