Assalammualaikum uols !

Feeling excited to get nominated for second time for this award, a million thank you to Blogger Fuzy for tagging me thus give me second chance to wrote a entry in English ! 😘 As per we know, once you been tagged, you need answer 11 question from whom nominated you. Ok lets start !

1. What do you do for living? You need not to tell in details and you may write as not answering if you find the question is sensitive or too personal
I'm full time working in Property Company right now, alhamdulillah its been a year now. I'm satisfied with my work and i comfortable with it. Other than that, i'm hijab seller with economic price in my whatsapp group, also online seller as a skincare agent. Guess what, i just create my FB account ! hahaha. Not only selling it, i'm also using it. Easier for me to promo to other and yet i satisfied with my life for now. Alhamdulillah for everythingπŸ’•

2. Some people have 2 or 3 ambitions like me, is your job now one of it or not at all

My career now is too far from my teenager ambition, fact ! πŸ˜… 

3. If you saw me or any blogger that you known here  in any places such as shopping mall or cinema or anywhere, would you approach them and what would be your first word to them?
Auuww sure i'm gonna greet you, Mrs Fuzy 😍 and other blogger. Even maybe they didn't know me, (sure, i'm realize i'm not artist or public figure to be known by everyone hahaha) if we the one first greet and say "Hi, you the blogger from bla bla bla.. right ??" should be no problem to get positive response from them also πŸ˜„ Unless you greet to wrong person ! Haha

My first word would be *after greet each other* : "Jom lepak minum, borak2 ! "😎

4. How do you organize your day between blogging while working or studying 
To start a blog, it need a commitment. Plus, writing is my passion. Even i'm busy with my career or other personal life activity, i try my best for not left my blog without any new entry. Once i get an idea for my entry, I set a auto publish draft, simple but sometime when i get too busy its affect my blog walking routine😭

6. How many hours would you take to be on routine in blogging, blog walking and commenting etc and what is your expectation?
Depends. "My free time i'll fully dedicate for blog walking" sure, because my career is unpredictable. I didn't expect more from my blogger friend, i just need them to know, i really appreciated their comment/visiting to my blog. I wish i can meet them and say thanks !! πŸ’‹ 

7. Are you an organized type person or disorganized?
50/50 i guest ! πŸ˜…

8. What is the craziest/silly things that you have done and feel like doing it again?
Stupid excuse to escape work ! hahahah yes ! i'm gonna do it again but depends on situation😁 

9. What is your favourite radio station while driving
Era.FM / Morning. Mix.FM / Afternoon

10. Can you tell in brief your 5 strength and 5 weaknesses 
STRENGTH : Positive thinking / Responsible / willing to accept criticism / self confidence / a good listener
WEAKNESSES : Dementia / Panic / Bathophobia (2 more ? i keep thinking right nowπŸ˜€)

11.  If you a celebrity (an international or locally) who would you be and why?
Elfira Loy !! she got a pretty eyebrow that i wish i had too! 😍


Term & Rules : The Sunshine Blogger Award
  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog

Since i already been tag previously by Blogger Shikin Razali and already follow the rule, So. for this second tag, i'll break the rule by just tagging 3 blogger😁

Next, the lucky blogger to tag is :

Last step, my 11 question to these 3 beautiful blogger is :

  1. First thing you do after wake up every morning ?
  2. Your favourite breakfast ?
  3. Your Weekend Activity ?
  4. List out your family member
  5. Mention your nickname between your family member 
  6. Your prefer to use your own transport or public transport ?
  7. Your anniversary date as a blogger ?
  8. Mention your favourite blog/blogger
  9. How many group whatsapp you have ?
  10. A place your plan to go if u have a chance to
  11. Instead of blog and Google + , Which social media  you use most : Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Flickr/Wechat/Other/ please specify 😁

Wehuuuu !! Thank u again to Blogger Fuzy for tagging me, i'm feeling like walk in to red carpet right now πŸ˜‚ Dear blogger that i have tag, goodluck and you may answer in Malay, no worries πŸ’•

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